Welcome to my Journey! Let me Intoduce myself, My name is Angel Martinez. I was born December 1st of the year 2001 in San Diego, CA. I was always around a camera ever since I was a little kid. My mother always used to film everything honestly, I always joked around that she was one of the first vloggers. In September of the year 2012 My family ended up moving to the Quad-Cities (Davenport). The first camera I got was a Canon Rebel T3i, Thanks to my older brother that helped me buy the camera. I didn't take photography too serious until junior year of High School (Davenport Central). I started taking pictures for my friends & family that were in different sports. I got a lot of recognition throughout the year and started my business. Fast forwarding to 2021 I am Living back in San Diego with a new camera that i fell in-love with (Sony Alpha a7iii). The rest is History.

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